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Material Delivery Order Form

Dark Mulch
$56 per yard



Loam (screened)
$50 per yard



Organic Compost
$85 per yard


Loam 2.jpg

Nutri Mulch
$78 per yard


Loam Fill 2.jpeg

Super Soil (Loam/Compost)
$68 per yard



Loam Fill (when available)
$28 per yard


Crushed Gravel .jpg

3/4" Crushed Gravel
$40 per yard


Crushed Stone.jpg

3/4" Crushed Stone
$58 per yard


Sand 2.jpg

Drain Sand
$30 per yard


Playground Chips .jpg

Playground Wood Chips
$75 per yard


Payment and Delivery


Once we receive your order we will calculate your delivery charge and email you an invoice with instructions on how to pay.


To estimate the delivery charge, please see our delivery costs and cubic yard calculator below. Payment must be received in order for materials to be scheduled for delivery.

Thanks for your order! A member of our team will contact you soon with your invoice and details on how to pay.

Calculate your delivery cost:


One yard minimum for delivery. Delivery fees will be calculated at the checkout and are as follows (mileage is calculated from 224 Middle Rd. Cumberland, ME 04021):


  • 1 to 5 miles: $25

  • 6 to 10 miles: $35

  • 11 to 15 miles: $55

  • 16+ miles: $75


Delivery charges above are for up to 5 yards.

Use the map below to calculate your mileage.

Delivery Schedule


Materials are delivered weekly starting April 1st.  Please call with any questions or to place your order over the phone.

Payment must be received in order for materials to be scheduled for delivery. 

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